The Bloomberg
of Cannabis
An indexing, benchmarking, and ratings platform with wide participation. CannaDAO offers complete data coverage in an easy-to-reference app, and an ecosystem to connect it to everyone from cannabis enthusiasts to farming professionals.
A gateway to industry data and all things Cannabis
Our active community provides insight and investment and our network of farms offer data and expertise. CannaDAO grows opportunity for businesses, investors and consumers.
Trusted data helps create product consistency, improves cultivation and brings cutting-edge technology to traditional farming practices.
Our community is brought together by their enthusiasm for cannabis and belief in hemp products. We give them a platform to work, play, and collaborate with its own token economy because, in this business, community is everything.
We believe the reach of our network measures the worth we bring to our community. We want to find a place for everyone from users to producers, and make every aspect of our farms and supply chains available in data.
In this growing market, investors need education and information more than ever. As well as providing in-house content, our platform rewards content creators, bringing both fresh and seasoned investors closer than ever to growers and supply chain experts.
Our platform will help users track economic data on farms, regions and the general economic market as it relates to cannabis. This will include information hubs for crop yields, sector employment, productivity, projected growth, and market returns.
Measure the performance of your investments so you can weigh your portfolio choices and ensure you’re not missing an opportunity. Get an overview of performance across 
Get a quantified analysis of cultivator performance, contrasting productivity and earnings against financial obligations. Our ratings system will help users decide the potential risk versus rewards of their decisions, helping them build diversified portfolios.
Our Roadmap
Q2 2022
NFT Launch
CannaFARM Play to Earn game
CannaFarm is a risk-based P2E game and a fun introduction to the CannaDAO ecosystem. Play as rival Stoned Bankers or Rebel Humals to stack $SEED tokens and decide the fate of the world. The 4200 game-character NFTs will be available for .042 ETH each.
Q3 2022
DAO platform MVP
CannaDAO will bring investment opportunities with minimum barriers to entry. Entrepreneurs can pitch to the DAO community and a public vote will decide whether to collectively invest, leading to rewards for DAO members from investment profits. The terms for the investment will be held transparently on-chain.
Emissions rewards
Community members can identify carbon-offset farms through data and choose to reward innovative farming practices with support and investment.
Q2 2023
CannaDAO Indexing Platform full launch
Fully functional and ready to build a community.
Q2 2022
Token Launch
IDO on Copper Launch
Cannaverse participants and interested investors will be introduced to the DAO, a platform that promises opportunity, community governance, and education on cannabis investment.
NFT Staking
NFT staking will earn Cannaverse players $SEED which can be sold or invested.
Q4 2022
CannaDAO BETA Release
Indexing, benchmarking, and ratings for the Cannabis industry. This platform will offer extensive data and analysis in an easy to reference mobile app, and an ecosystem to connect it to everyone with an interest in cannabis.
The Token of Green Finance
Through the CannaDAO governance platform, everyone will be able to learn about, propose and vote on decentralized investment opportunities. Users can stake $CANNA, earning yield through a decentralized treasury that funds real-world projects.
Our Team
Eric Benz
Eric has spent over 15 years creating institution-grade SaaS systems that provide blockchain, banking, and identity verification for companies such as GoCoin, Uphold, and Exchange.

He is a partner at, CEO of Changelly and a founding member of the UK Digital Currency Association. Changelly has built a reputation amongst its millions of users as a trusted non-custodial platform to exchange over 140 digital assets, and helped digital currencies become more publicly available.

For Eric, currency is a historical problem and digital currency is a solution we can all participate in. He wants to use his experience building international exchanges to turn CannaDAO into a global platform.
James Yau
James has spent over 24 years as a consultant for businesses in over 26 countries offering insights on management, strategy, and operations for clients that include Koch Industries, Bank of America, and Tyson Foods.

He is the CEO of JYCO Holdings, co-founder of Incson Pty Ltd and founder of JYCO Holdings has consulted on over 200 commercial farms in Asia, managing assets worth half a billion that represent the trade of more than 65 thousand tons of perishable products every year.

James believes farming is one of the most important things we have done as a species, and its future relies on data and precision farming technologies. He plans to use his international experience with manufacturing, agri-tech, and commercial growing to scale CannaDAO internationally and ensure Earth 420 benefits from cutting edge agricultural technology.
Our Partners